The home of electronic/hip-hop producer Birocratic, creator of bumps, beets, and leftovers.

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1: Download some tunage

In order to use the music, you must first have the music. In file form. To that end:

If you dig many of my tunes, my full discography is available at a 25% discount. For 15 smackeroos, it includes 81 fully licensable tracks (& that number keeps climbing). If, by your fervent graciousness, you feel that my music is worth more than that, you're totally welcome to pay whatever higher amount you choose. Everything you contribute goes directly to me and helps support what I do.

>> If you're only interested in a single track, you can download them individually for never more than a single dollar. That said, 80 extra tracks for $15 is a pretty generous deal.

And, in case you're curious, I make this service available through Bandcamp. They're my preferred distributor for a few reasons—they package everything super neatly, provide a flexible & universal process, offer many useful file formats, thorough metadata, etc. to make the process as seamless as possible for you. And their commitment to focusing on the independent artist has created a really great ecosystem, which allows me to share this all with you.


Head over to Bandcamp to get your downloads started:

Want all these tracks? Sweet.

Down on the left side it should look a lot like this... 'Buy Now' under 'Full Digital Discography' to download it all in one go.


Any time you post a video or work containing one of my beats, please credit me by including at least this information:

  • my name
  • the name of any song(s) used,
  • and a link to

Here's a compact way to provide credit:


Music: "Tony's Belated Breakfast" by Birocratic (

(feel free to copy+paste the above text and modify for your own purposes)


Downloading the music though Bandcamp and satisfying the credit requirement constitutes permission from me, Birocratic, to use my music in your non-commercial work.*


If you're looking to use my music for commercial purposes, just shoot me an email and we'll talk specifics and pricing.

*monetized YouTube videos are considered non-commercial works unless you are otherwise being paid to create them, and/or monetization is your primary business.

3. SHare & Support

There are a few more ways you can help support what I do!

And, as always, you can share my page with your friends on facebook (@birocratic) & twitter (@birocratic).


Thanks so much! Enjoy the music.

– Brandon aka Birocratic