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2 new Brooklyn shows

Brooklyn!!! Now that I live in you I'm playing two shows within the next month:


feburary's brookladelphia (live) • 2/25


Brookladelphia: a monthly dual-city event series thrown by Rye-Li that features of local NYC & Philly talent. All of us play live sets differently in some way - blurring the lines between electronic and live music. I'm gonna slay an all-original set with my trusty bass & keys.


w/ Rye-Li | Jonecks | Austin Lebron | Lawlyse


Doors at 10 • 21+


this is gonna be a crazy show - i'm playing a DJ set after blockhead - one of my earliest influences - sets the stage. it's the first time I'm DJing as Birocratic in NYC.


here's my favorite album of his (released on my favorite label of all time, Ninja Tune):


so yeah, i'll be spinning tunes late night (2:30-4am!! I'll buy you a coffee before the show if you come up to me, no joke). it's all-ages too!


also, check out a playlist i made with some of the jazzy tunes that are inspiring me right now (you'll definitely hear me spin a bunch of these after blockhead):




anyway. I'm hard at work finishing my next album and will be playing a buuuunch of those new tunes this month. i'm always hanging out before / after I play shows and I love meeting fans, so you know. stop by and say hey!



– Biro


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