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I have a busy autumn ahead of me.


There are like 30 projects I'm involved in, most of which I can't tell you about.

But the ones I can tell you about, I wanted to, here. Not on facebook where they don't let anyone see it, nor on twitter where I can only write 10 words at a time.

- ONE -


In lieu of my weekly #BiroMakesABeet session this week, I'm participating in Beat Fighter tomorrow (Nov. 1st). It's a live-streamed, 3-hour Rhythm Roulette-style beat battle on Twitch. My group starts competing at 3pm EST. To watch my stream, follow me on twitter and I'll post updates as we get closer.

- TWO -


I have a new track premiering Monday as part of Chillhop Records' first release, Appetizers 1. It's called Sangrilune and will be available for purchase here as well as on Spotify, iTunes, etc. making it my first song on all major platforms!

It's also sample-free, which is cool. And I mastered the entire album too.

There's some exciting new material on there from eleven other really cool artists. Don't miss it.


I've got several collaborations and remixes coming your way. I dropped the first one of these last month; listen here. You'll also hear my beats on a few more label compilations soon.

- FOUR -

I will be releasing a ten-track album before year's end. There will be a pre-order available in November, and singles beforehand.

- FIVE -

I will be releasing an EP after new year's. No extra information on that yet.

Should be a fun time :)