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new song out now, Beets 4 on the way

It's been a minute since I released a song. Got busy with moving to NYC and starting a different life and all. So, I'm gonna change that now:

'Bob Ross Goes to Hollywood' is available everywhere you can listen to music:

oh, and also...

Beets 4 available March 20

i'm gonna go drink some coffee now. enjoy.

- Biro

new track out now (+ an interview with chillhop)

heyooo friends! happy winter to you.

cheers, you wonderful people.

cheers, you wonderful people.

1.  first off, bringing you some new Biro sounds via the Chillhop Records' Winter 2016 Essentials compilation. my laid-back, drink-a-whiskey-by-the-fire track 'Lovely Rita' is now available everywhere:

make sure you check out the full compilation. i know i keep saying this, but it's our best one yet.

2. speaking of Chillhop, I recently went to Amsterdam to meet the crew & engage in musical debauchery. things went well from what I remember, and somehow in the midst of all of our beer-drinking we found time to make a little video together. check that out below:

3. lastly, if you haven't yet heard, Beets 3 is available on vinyl for the first time. I've got a handful of copies left for sale via QRATES. once we get to 200 records sold, they'll go to print.

...and as i promised on twitter i'll release beets 4 after they sell out. so let's get an old record into your hands and a new one into your ears!!

that's basically all for now, hope everyone has a safe christmas/new year's, and i'll be back with more tunes very soon.

~ Biro

new song: 'overexpressed' w/ All Good Records

family -

I'm proud to announce that Stereofox has premiered my newest track, "overexpressed," on their blog. It's part of a compilation album by All Good Records - GriZ chose ten of his fave upcoming producers to create a track for him and I'm honored to be one of them.

This track has a crazy history.

I started it in 2013, and the first draft sampled a Vine from one of my all-time tops, Shigeto.

I'm creatively indecisive as hell, and I sat on it for a while (like two years). It wasn't until last year when All Good hit me up that I decided to revamp the track and rework it from the crispy dilla-esque demo I'd made.

Here's a sample of that early demo:

Sounds basically nothing like the final.

So last winter I'd been getting into faster music - footwork, dnb, that kind of stuff. And I started to sample less. So I transcribed the chords from the og vine, played them into a piano, changed them around a little bit. Added bass, switched up the drums, etc. And created a double-time, drum n bass inspired end section, because why not. 

When All Good called and wanted a track, I knew this one was gonna be it.

Anyway, hope you dig it, as always. It'll be available soon on Spotify, so make sure to give me a follow.


Peace & enjoy. with headphones, preferably ~


Birocratic show | Ann Arbor, MI | Fri Aug 12

yo party people:

announcing a new show presented by IRLmusic & Hebinomichi. 2 weeks from today - Fri Aug 12th @ 9pm. Club Above in Ann Arbor. I'll be bringin the bass. and the new EP.

with Jonah Baseball • Ahh Ooh • Steelix • & special guests

if you know anything about this lineup, it's going to be insane. if you don't, study up.

+ + + + +

tickets ($7 adv) /

facebook event /

see you there.

- biro

i'm working on an EP

... and it's almost done.

it sounds like nothing i've really ever put out before;

i'm taking myself on a musical journey -

inspired by my hometown.

i'm done being a 'beatmaker' for a while.

i'm a musician & i have things to say that i can't just say with samples

i'm baring my soul here and it feels pretty damn amazing to take this risk

i hope you enjoy the journey & stick around for what's next

- biro

"look both ways" w/ flamingosis out now


happy to announce my second collaboration with another nj beatmaker by the name of flamingosis - this one's a funky house track, a little bit of a departure for both of us. my friends over at Chillhop Music were gracious enough to post an upload to youtube, so you can check it out here:

peace, enjoy, and hope to see you on the 13th in NYC!

~ Biro

nisha - "hard liquor" [EARMILK premiere]

hey all,

those close to me know about a project i've been working on with fellow nyc artist and dear friend nisha for years now - and the first component was released today. it's a song called "hard liquor," and in addition to being the first pop track i've produced as an artist, it's nisha's debut single.

EARMILK did us a huge solid and exchanged some feels with nisha about her gorgeous song. read about that here.

we hope you dig the new sounds!

 ~ biro & nisha