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new song out now, Beets 4 on the way

It's been a minute since I released a song. Got busy with moving to NYC and starting a different life and all. So, I'm gonna change that now:

'Bob Ross Goes to Hollywood' is available everywhere you can listen to music:

oh, and also...

Beets 4 available March 20

i'm gonna go drink some coffee now. enjoy.

- Biro

new song: 'overexpressed' w/ All Good Records

family -

I'm proud to announce that Stereofox has premiered my newest track, "overexpressed," on their blog. It's part of a compilation album by All Good Records - GriZ chose ten of his fave upcoming producers to create a track for him and I'm honored to be one of them.

This track has a crazy history.

I started it in 2013, and the first draft sampled a Vine from one of my all-time tops, Shigeto.

I'm creatively indecisive as hell, and I sat on it for a while (like two years). It wasn't until last year when All Good hit me up that I decided to revamp the track and rework it from the crispy dilla-esque demo I'd made.

Here's a sample of that early demo:

Sounds basically nothing like the final.

So last winter I'd been getting into faster music - footwork, dnb, that kind of stuff. And I started to sample less. So I transcribed the chords from the og vine, played them into a piano, changed them around a little bit. Added bass, switched up the drums, etc. And created a double-time, drum n bass inspired end section, because why not. 

When All Good called and wanted a track, I knew this one was gonna be it.

Anyway, hope you dig it, as always. It'll be available soon on Spotify, so make sure to give me a follow.


Peace & enjoy. with headphones, preferably ~